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Genre Hip Hop


The emcee known as Playdough is definitely not a kid’s toy. His think for yourself attitude is a breath of fresh air in the ever-changing world of hip-hop. Don’t get it confused - this Texas emcee is all business with a flow and delivery that takes you back to the golden era when beats and lyrics made you the master of ceremony. With his 7 Spin release Don’t Drink The Water, this album will be recognized as one of the building blocks that will assist in the process of swaying the pendulum back to a true appreciation of the lyricist. Judging from his work with his DeepSpace 5 counterparts and his mastery of the Queens English and his proficient use of the MPC, it will be no time before his malleable word play and music production will be associated with the greats.

Albums (1)
Songs (13)
Don't Drink the Water
Songs 13 Comments 0
Released 2006
Format CD
Label 7 Spin Music
Price 7.77 $