The Blood Violets
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The Blood Violets
Genre Rock


John Lennon said “life is what happens while we’re making other plans” and The Blood Violets are a reality that reflects that truth. So many of our hopes and dreams can steal our happiness and or our self worth when life presents a path that is not what we envisioned for ourselves. We fight with all that is in us to achieve our childhood dreams and in many cases we find ourselves struggling to remember what they were in the first place. Do our choices dictate our lives or do our lives dictate the choices that we make. I’m not sure that there is a clear answer here, but that is my point. Who can really say? Whatever the case, The Blood Violets are a band that was given life through other plans and we now find ourselves embracing it.

The vision began 4 years ago in the winter of 1999, or the winter of discontent as I now refer to it. We recorded a record and just wanted to go out a play gigs and meet people that related to the music that we created. A simple idea really but bands can never be that simple. Anyways, before we had our first show, we were teased with major label interest. I’m not saying that we never wanted to get signed and tour the world, please! We did want that to happen, but after we had had a chance to find ourselves and more importantly our community. We got sucked into the machine because everyone that heard our record loved it and that was amazing to us and very flattering, considering that we didn’t think it was that great. It was a picture that ran out of funding, so we put it out just so we could start playing gigs and have a record to sell. Dreamworks and RCA came to our third show and for the most part really liked it, but felt that the record was better than the live show; you think? IT WAS OUR THIRD SHOW!!!! HELLO. I’m not bitter really.

That was the beginning of the end and this is when I wish we had remembered our little dream that was soon going to be eaten by capitalism. Some labels thought we didn’t have a hit song and some wanted to replace members that they didn’t like. Others thought that we had a great thing going and we just needed the time to pull it together. For whatever reason, not having the right song was what we focused on because lets remember, we didn’t really love our first record. OK, before this drags on to much longer, lets just say that we played a lot of gigs over the next few years all over the country and made lots of fans and friends. We have had a few member changes, 2 name changes and 3 managers and a lot of unreleased songs. Yet. After all the ups and downs, we are still making music, or should I say it is making us.

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Secrets of the Soul
The Blood Violets
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Released 2004
Format CD
Label 7 Spin Music

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