This Holiday Life
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This Holiday Life
Genre Rock


There is an oft-forgotten place where desperate desire for Truth romances both the raw and intricate elements of Rock and Roll. It is there you'll find the inspiration behind This Holiday Life.

The band was formed in Spring of 2003 by Scott Anderson (Voices, Guitars), Bobby Anderson (Bass), Mark Nagel (Drums), and Joe Freeman (Lead Guitar). Based in San Diego, the four created a natural buzz throughout their hometown with their first release, The Fallout. The 6-song EP showcased the aggressive and captivating talent of the band and was nominated for "Best Rock Album Of The Year" at the 2004 San Diego Music Awards. Taking to the road, THL began securing a reputable local and West Coast following.

Summer 2004 put This Holiday Life on their first national tour introducing them to the better part of the Midwest and East Coast. Added as tour support for Switchfoot and Copeland, their fan-base began to grow exponentially as their live show matured into one that would ignite passion in the hearts of many. By the end of the year the band had independently sold 5000 copies of The Fallout.

Early 2005 brought plans for a new full-length record, and another summer run with Switchfoot down the East Coast. Once again nominated for a San Diego Music Award, this time "Best Rock Group Of The Year", it became clear that THL was making a lasting impression on their hometown. The band began to write both on and off the road, compiling over 50 new songs for their next record. The result was the 14-song glimpse into the inner workings of the band, Friction, produced by Don Chaffer. Both moody and engaging, Friction showed the band's maturity and continued ability to craft catchy pop tunes with songs like "Don't Stand Up" and "Two Years Underground".

Several more national tours and 2 more nominations for the San Diego Music Awards have made the guys a go to San Diego band. In April 2007 they were teamed up once again with the production genius of Don Chaffer in the studio for their highly anticipated 2nd full length album, The Beginning of the End of the World. Never wanting to create the same thing twice, THL went as organic as they could creating sounds that the four of them could reproduce live with as much energy as the record. The result is an energetic ensemble of rock songs with just the right proportion of pop. From guitars to pianos to trash cans and bottles, THL has left their mark on musical history with songs like "A Yes, Not a No", "Motivation" and "Mission Control to my Heart".

Intoxicating melodies and purposeful lyrics are the oils with which Scott paints the story. His easily distinguishable voice captivates listeners, while his musical poetry challenges them to ignite with an unquenchable passion for Truth. Bobby, Mark, and Joe bring life to the music by weaving the canvas on which the story is told. The story we are all a part of...the story of this life...this holiday life.


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The Beginning of the End of the World
This Holiday Life
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Released 2007
Format CD
Label 7 Spin Music
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