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Riley Armstrong


A seven year veteran performer Riley Armstrong moved from Vancouver Canada to make Nashville, Tennessee home base for five years, with two internationally released albums on Flicker Records/EMI distribution, Riley asked to be released to pursue a call on his life to simplify. His return to Canada and marriage to his beautiful wife Shannon was the answer to the heart cry. Seeking to create an outlet for the music that had stirred during that time of transition, he partnered with 7 Spin Music from the Chicago area, a grassroots co-op style music company that created an encouraging space to birth a new album called La Loop.

In a sea of trends and conformity, Riley Armstrong stands out. Perhaps its proof that you don’t need a loud voice to be heard, just an honest one. Riley has dedicated his life to capture feelings to breath life into melodies that uncover the beauty of imagination that floats through-out the nooks and cranny ’s of our days. His legacy is built on the smiles, tears and stories of those who discover the soul of his music. A vigilantly for the different, celebrating the uniqueness in all of us.

Riley and his wife Shannon live in Calgary Alberta Canada. Performing over 150 events a year with over 40,000 albums sold and 4 unique and off the wall videos, his reputation for an exciting and hilarious live performance filled with real life honesty are always well received by young and old.

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